Kuratowski's Theorem

Every nonplanar graph contains either the utility graph K_(3,3) (i.e., the complete bipartite graph on two sets of three vertices) or the pentatope graph K_5 as a homeomorphic subgraph. These graphs are sometimes known as Kuratowski graphs.

The theorem was also proven earlier (but not published) by Pontryagin in 1927-1928, and six months later than Kuratowski by Frink and Smith (Kullman 1979; Harary 1981; Harris et al. 2000, p. 43). Kennedy et al. (1985) give a detailed history of the theorem.

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Complete Bipartite Graph, Complete Graph, Forbidden Minor, Kuratowski Graph, Planar Graph, Robertson-Seymour Theorem, Utility Graph, Wagner's Theorem

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