Knuth-Bendix Completion Algorithm

The Knuth-Bendix completion algorithm attempts to transform a finite set of identities into a finitely terminating, confluent term rewriting system whose reductions preserve identity. This term rewriting system serves a decision procedure for validating identities.

As defined in universal algebra, identities are equalities of two terms: x=y. Presumably, the values of the two terms are equal for all values of variables occurring in them. A reduction order is another input to the completion algorithm provided that every identity is viewed as two candidates for rewrite rules transforming the left-hand side into the right-hand side and vice versa.

The output term rewriting system is used to determine whether t=v is an identity or not in the following manner. If two distinct terms t and v have the same normal form, then t=v is an identity. Otherwise, t=v is not an identity. Term rewriting systems that are both finitely terminating and confluent enjoy the property of having unique normal forms for all expressions. The problem of deciding whether t=v is an identity is also known as the word problem.

Initially, this algorithm attempts to orient input identities according to the reduction order (ifs<t, then t->s becomes a rule). Then, it completes this initial set of rules with derived ones. The algorithm iteratively detects critical pairs, obtains their normal forms, and adds a new rule for every pair of the normal forms in accordance with the reduction order.

This algorithm may

1. Terminate with success and yield a finitely terminating, confluent set of rules,

2. Terminate with failure, or

3. Loop without terminating.

Note that Buchberger's algorithm for constructing Gröbner bases is very similar to the Knuth-Bendix completion algorithm.

See also

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Knuth-Bendix Completion Algorithm

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