Iofinova-Ivanov Graphs

Iofinova and Ivanov (1985) showed that there exist exactly five bipartite cubic semisymmetric graphs whose automorphism groups preserves the bipartite parts and acts primitively on each part. These graphs have 110, 126, 182, 506, and 990 vertices, and their automorphism groups are PGL_2(11), G_2(2), PGL_2(13), PSL_2(23), and Aut(M_(12)), respectively, where M_(12) is one of the Mathieu groups.


The smallest Iofinova-Ivanov graph is the graph on 110 vertices illustrated above in two embeddings which is the second smallest cubic semisymmetric graph (Iofinova and Ivanov 2002, Marušič et al. 2005). It was constructed in Ivanov (1983) in terms of the Paley design P(11).


The 110-vertex Iofinova-Ivanov graph is illustrated above in three LCF notations of degree 11 and four of degree 5.

The 126-vertex graph is the Tutte 12-cage.

The graphs on 182 and 506 vertices can be described in terms of the projective line over GF(q) for q=13 and 23, respectively (Iofinova and Ivanov 2002).

The 990-vertex graph was described by Chuvaeva (1983), Faradžev et al., and Ronan and Stroth (1984) in terms of the Steiner system S(5,6,12).

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Iofinova-Ivanov Graphs

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