Intersection Number

The intersection number omega(G), also called the edge clique cover number, clique edge cover number, R-content, or (confusingly) clique cover number, of a given graph G is the minimum number of cliques needed to cover all of the edges of G (i.e., whose edges form an edge cover of G). As a result of this definition, only maximal cliques need be considered.

A connected graph G with vertex count n and edge count m satisfies


(Harary 1994, pp. 19-20).

The triangle giving the numbers of simple unlabeled graphs with intersection number k=0, 1, ..., |_n^2/4_| for n=1, 2, ..., is given by


(OEIS A355754), while the corresponding triangle for connected simple unlabeled graphs is


(OEIS A355755).

For a graph with n>3 vertices and m edges, omega(G)=m iff G is triangle-free (Harary 1994, p. 19).

Harary (1994, problem 2.26, p. 25) posed the problem of finding the intersection number of a complete graph K_n. While Choudamand and Parthasarathy (1975), Thomas (2004, p. 28), and Jinnah and Mathew (2017) seem to give


the fact that the graph K_n is an edge cover of itself requires that omega(K_n)=1 for n>1.

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Intersection Number

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