Inner Vecten Triangle


If the square is instead erected internally, their centers form a triangle DeltaI_AI_BI_C that has (exact) trilinear vertex matrix given by

 [1/2a 1/2a(sinC-cosC) 1/2a(sinB-cosB); 1/2b(sinC+cosC) 1/2b 1/2b(sinA-cosA); 1/2c(sinB-cosB) 1/2c(sinA-cosA) 1/2c]

(E. Weisstein, Apr. 25, 2004).

The area of the inner Vecten triangle is


where Delta is the area of the reference triangle. Its side lengths are


The circumcircle of the inner Vecten triangle is the inner Vecten circle.

The following table gives the centers of the inner Vecten triangle in terms of the centers of the reference triangle for Kimberling centers X_n with n<=100.


As in the exterior case, the triangles DeltaABC and DeltaI_AI_BI_C are perspective with perspector at the inner Vecten point, which is Kimberling center X_(486).

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Inner Vecten Triangle

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