Hyperfinite Set

One of the most useful tools in nonstandard analysis is the concept of a hyperfinite set. To understand a hyperfinite set, begin with an arbitrary infinite set X whose members are not sets, and form the superstructure S(X) over X. Assume that X includes the natural numbers as elements, let N denote the set of natural numbers as elements of X, and let ^*S(X) be an enlargement of S(X). By the transfer principle, the ordering < on N extends to a strict linear ordering on ^*N, which can be denoted with the symbol "<." Since ^*S(X) is an enlargement of S(X), it satisfies the concurrency principle, so that there is an element nu of ^*N such that if n in N, then n<nu. This follows because the relation < is a concurrent relation on the set of natural numbers.

Any member nu in ^*N that is not also an element of N is called an infinite nonstandard natural number, and for any set A in ^*S(X), if A is in one-to-one correspondence with any element of ^*N, then A is called a hyperfinite set in ^*S(X). Because there are infinite nonstandard natural numbers in any enlargement ^*S(X) of S(X), there are hyperfinite sets that are not finite, in any such enlargement. Such hyperfinite sets can be used to study infinite structures satisfying various finiteness conditions.

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Hyperfinite Set

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