Hyperbolic Tangent

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By way of analogy with the usual tangent


the hyperbolic tangent is defined as


where sinhz is the hyperbolic sine and coshz is the hyperbolic cosine. The notation thz is sometimes also used (Gradshteyn and Ryzhik 2000, p. xxix).

tanhz is implemented in the Wolfram Language as Tanh[z].

Special values include


where phi is the golden ratio.

The derivative of tanhz is


and higher-order derivatives are given by

 (d^n)/(dz^n)tanhz=(2^(n+1)e^(2z))/((1+e^(2z))^(n+1))sum_(k=0)^(n-1)<n; k>(-1)^ke^(2kz),

where <n; k> is an Eulerian number.

The indefinite integral is given by


tanhz has Taylor series


(OEIS A002430 and A036279).

As Gauss showed in 1812, the hyperbolic tangent can be written using a continued fraction as


(Wall 1948, p. 349; Olds 1963, p. 138). This continued fraction is also known as Lambert's continued fraction (Wall 1948, p. 349).

The hyperbolic tangent tanhx satisfies the second-order ordinary differential equation


together with the boundary conditions f(0)=0 and f^'(infty)=0.

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Hyperbolic Tangent

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