Group Extension

An extension of a group H by a group N is a group G with a normal subgroup M such that M=N and G/M=H. This information can be encoded into a short exact sequence of groups


where alpha:N->G is injective and beta:G->H is surjective.

It should be noted that some authors reverse the roles and say that H is an extension of N (Spanier 1994, Mac Lane and Birkhoff 1993).

Given groups H and N there are (often) many extensions of H by N. Examples include the direct product of H and N and a semidirect product of H and N. A function tau:H->G such that betatau is the identity function on H is called a transversal function. A group extension is said to be split if there is a transversal function which is a homomorphism. A group extension is split iff it is a semidirect product.

The study of group extensions has connections with group cohomology.

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Cohomology, Direct Product, Group, Normal Subgroup

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Group Extension

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