Generalized Polygon


Let O be an incidence geometry, i.e., a set with a symmetric, reflexive binary relation I. Let e and f be elements of O. Let an incidence plane be an incidence geometry whose object set is the disjoint union of two sets P and L such that for e,f in P or e,f in L, (e,f) in I only if e=f. Then a generalized polygon is an incidence plane such that for all e,f in O,

1. There exists a path of length at most n from e to f, and.

2. There exists at most one irreducible path of length less than n from e to f.

(Feit and Higman 1964).

The only cubic generalized polygons are the generalized 2-gon K_(3,3) (utility graph), generalized triangle PG(2,2), generalized quadrangle W_2, and generalized hexagon GH(2,2) (Feit and Higman 1964, Royle).

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Generalized Polygon

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