Feuerbach's Conic Theorem

The locus of the centers of all circumconics that also pass through the orthocenter of a triangle (which, when not degenerate, are rectangular hyperbolas) is a circle through the midpoints of the sides, the points half way from the orthocenter to the vertices, and the feet of the altitude (Coolidge 1959, p. 198; Eddy and Fritsch 1994). Moreover, this circle is the nine-point circle (Kimberling 1998, p. 236).

This theorem is attributed to Feuerbach by Coolidge (1959), but does not appear in Feuerbach's treatise (Feuerbach 1822; Eddy and Fritsch 1994). In fact, it first appeared in Brianchon and Poncelet (1821).

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Feuerbach's Conic Theorem

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