Dirichlet Divisor Problem

Let the divisor function d(n) be the number of divisors of n (including n itself). For a prime p, d(p)=2. In general,


where gamma is the Euler-Mascheroni constant. Dirichlet originally gave theta approx 1/2 (Hardy and Wright 1979, p. 264; Hardy 1999, pp. 67-68), and Hardy and Landau showed in 1916 that theta>=1/4 (Hardy 1999, p. 81). The following table summarizes incremental progress on the upper limit (updating Hardy 1999, p. 81).

1/30.33333Voronoi (1903), Sierpiński (1906), van der Corput (1923)
37/1120.33036Littlewood and Walfisz (1925)
33/1000.33000van der Corput (1922)
27/820.32927van der Corput (1928)
12/370.32432Chen (1963), Kolesnik (1969)
35/1080.32407Kolesnik (1982)
17/530.32075Vinogradov (1935)
7/220.31818Iwaniec and Mozzochi (1988)
23/730.31507Huxley (1993)
131/4160.31490Huxley (2003)

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Dirichlet Divisor Problem

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