Descartes' Sign Rule

A method of determining the maximum number of positive and negative real roots of a polynomial.

For positive roots, start with the sign of the coefficient of the lowest (or highest) power. Count the number of sign changes n as you proceed from the lowest to the highest power (ignoring powers which do not appear). Then n is the maximum number of positive roots. Furthermore, the number of allowable roots is n, n-2, n-4, .... For example, consider the polynomial


Since there are three sign changes, there are a maximum of three possible positive roots.

For negative roots, starting with a polynomial f(x), write a new polynomial f(-x) with the signs of all odd powers reversed, while leaving the signs of the even powers unchanged. Then proceed as before to count the number of sign changes n. Then n is the maximum number of negative roots. For example, consider the polynomial


and compute the new polynomial


In this example, there are four sign changes, so there are a maximum of four negative roots.

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Descartes' Sign Rule

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