Curlicue Fractal


The curlicue fractal is a figure obtained by the following procedure. Let s be an irrational number. Begin with a line segment of unit length, which makes an angle phi_0=0 to the horizontal. Then define theta_n iteratively by

 theta_(n+1)=(theta_n+2pis) (mod 2pi),

with theta_0=0. To the end of the previous line segment, draw a line segment of unit length which makes an angle

 phi_(n+1)=theta_n+phi_n (mod 2pi),

to the horizontal (Pickover 1995ab). The result is a fractal, and the above figures correspond to the curlicue fractals with 10000 points for the golden ratio phi, ln2, e, sqrt(2), the Euler-Mascheroni constant gamma, pi, and the Feigenbaum constant delta.

The temperature of these curves is given in the following table.

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Curlicue Fractal

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