Crystallographic Point Groups

The crystallographic point groups are the point groups in which translational periodicity is required (the so-called crystallography restriction). There are 32 such groups, summarized in the following table which organizes them by Schönflies symbol type.

typepoint groups
nonaxialC_i, C_s
cyclicC_1, C_2, C_3, C_4, C_6
cyclic with horizontal planesC_(2h), C_(3h), C_(4h), C_(6h)
cyclic with vertical planesC_(2v), C_(3v), C_(4v), C_(6v)
dihedralD_2, D_3, D_4, D_6
dihedral with horizontal planesD_(2h), D_(3h), D_(4h), D_(6h)
dihedral with planes between axesD_(2d), D_(3d)
improper rotationS_4, S_6
cubic groupsT, T_h, T_d, O, O_h

Note that while the tetrahedral T_d and octahedral O_h point groups are also crystallographic point groups, the icosahedral group I_h is not. The orders, classes, and group operations for these groups can be concisely summarized in their character tables.

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Crystallographic Point Groups

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