The categorical notion which is dual to product. The coproduct of a family {X_i}_(i in I) of objects of a category is an object C=coproduct_(i in I)X_i, together with a family of morphisms {c_i:X_i->C}_(i in I) such that for every object D and every family of morphisms {d_i:X_i->D} there is an unique morphism d:C->D such that

 d degreesc_i=d_i

for all i in I. The coproduct is unique up to isomorphisms.

In the category of sets, the coproduct is the disjoint union C= union ^._(i in I)X_i, and c_i:X_i->C is the inclusion. In the category of Abelian groups, the coproduct is the group direct sum C= direct sum _(i in I)X_i, and c_i:X_i->C is the injection of the ith summand. In the category of groups, the coproduct is the free product of groups.

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Category Product, Direct Sum, Free Product, Group Direct Sum

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