Catalan-Mersenne Number

Catalan (1876, 1891) noted that the sequence of Mersenne numbers 2^2-1=3, 2^3-1=7, and 2^7-1=127, and 2^(127)-1=170141183460469231731687303715884105727 (OEIS A007013) were all prime (Dickson 2005, p. 22). Therefore, the numbers defined by


with c_0=2 are known in this work as Catalan-Mersenne numbers.

It is not known if c_5 is prime, but it is known that it has no prime factor less than 10^(51) (Noll; private correspondence with C. K. Caldwell, Aug. 10, 2003).

c_5 appeared in the Futurama movie The Beast with a Billion Backs (2008).

The Catalan-Mersenne numbers are a subset of the double Mersenne numbers.

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Catalan-Mersenne Number

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