Brun's Theorem

The series producing Brun's constant converges even if there are an infinite number of twin primes, first proved by Brun (1919).

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Brun's Constant, Twin Primes

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Brun, V. "La serie 1/5+1/7+1/11+1/13+1/17+1/19+1/29+1/31+1/41+1/43+1/59+1/61+..., les dénominateurs sont nombres premiers jumeaux est convergente où finie." Bull. Sci. Math. 43, 124-128, 1919.Landau, E. Elementare Zahlentheorie. Leipzig, Germany: Hirzel, 1927. Reprinted Providence, RI: Amer. Math. Soc., 1990.

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Brun's Theorem

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