Binomial Identity

Roman (1984, p. 26) defines "the" binomial identity as the equation

 p_n(x+y)=sum_(k=0)^n(n; k)p_k(y)p_(n-k)(x).

Iff the sequence p_n(x) satisfies this identity for all y in a field C of field characteristic 0, then p_n(x) is an associated sequence known as a binomial-type sequence.

In general, a binomial identity is a formula expressing products of factors as a sum over terms, each including a binomial coefficient (n; k). The prototypical example is the binomial theorem

 (x+a)^n=sum_(k=0)^n(n; k)x^ka^(n-k)

for n>0. Abel (1826) gave a host of such identities (Riordan 1979, Roman 1984), some of which include

 =sum_(k=0)^n(n; k)xy(x-ak)^(k-1)[y-a(n-k)]^(n-k-1),
 x^(-1)(x+y-na)^n=sum_(k=0)^n(n; k)(x-ak)^(k-1)[y-a(n-k)]^(n-k)

(Abel 1826, Riordan 1979, p. 18; Roman 1984, pp. 30 and 73), and

 x^(-1)(x+y)^n=sum_(k=0)^n(n; k)(x-ak)^(k-1)(y+ak)^(n-k)

(Saslaw 1989).

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Binomial Identity

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