Binary Operator

An operator defined on a set S which takes two elements from S as inputs and returns a single element of S. Binary operators are called compositions by Rosenfeld (1968). Sets possessing a binary multiplication operation include the group, groupoid, monoid, quasigroup, and semigroup. Sets possessing both a binary multiplication and a binary addition operation include the division algebra, field, ring, ringoid, semiring, and unit ring.

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AND, Binary Operation, Boolean Algebra, Connective, Division Algebra, Field, Group, Groupoid, Monoid, NOT, Operator, OR, Quasigroup, Ring, Ringoid, Semigroup, Semiring, Set Closure, Unit Ring, XNOR, XOR

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Rosenfeld, A. An Introduction to Algebraic Structures. New York: Holden-Day, 1968.

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Binary Operator

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