Bimagic Square

If replacing each number by its square in a magic square produces another magic square, the square is said to be a bimagic square. Bimagic squares are also called doubly magic squares, and are 2-multimagic squares.

Lucas (1891) and later Hendricks (1998) showed that a bimagic square of order 3 is impossible for any set of numbers except the trivial case of using the same number 9 times.


The first known bimagic square, constructed by Pfeffermann (1891a; left figure), had order 8 with magic constant 260 for the base square and 11180 after squaring. Another order 8 bimagic square is shown at right.

Benson and Jacoby (1976) stated their belief that no bimagic squares of order less than 8 exist, and this was subsequently proved by Boyer and Trump in 2002 (Boyer).


Pfeffermann (1891b) also published the first 9th-order bimagic square. Only a part of the first Pfeffermann's bimagic squares of both order 8 and of order 9 were published, with their completion left as puzzles to the reader and their solutions appearing two weeks later in the following issues (Boyer).


Wroblewski found the first known 6×6 bimagic square using distinct (but nonconsecutive) integers (Boyer 2006), illustrated above.

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Bimagic Square

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