Bicentric Quadrilateral


A bicentric quadrilateral, also called a cyclic-inscriptable quadrilateral, is a four-sided bicentric polygon. The inradius r, circumradius R, and offset x are connected by the equation


(Davis; Durége 1861; Casey 1888, pp. 109-110; Johnson 1929; Dörie 1965; Coolidge 1971, p. 46; Salazar 2006). Finding this relation is sometimes known as Fuss's problem.

In addition


(Beyer 1987), where s is the semiperimeter, and


The area of a bicentric quadrilateral is


where p and q are the lengths of the diagonals (Ivanoff 1960; Beyer 1987, p. 124).

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Bicentric Polygon, Bicentric Triangle, Cyclic Quadrilateral, Poncelet's Porism

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Bicentric Quadrilateral

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