Bernstein's Constant

Let E_n(f) be the error of the best uniform approximation to a real function f(x) on the interval [-1,1] by real polynomials of degree at most n. If


then Bernstein showed that


He conjectured that the lower limit (beta) was beta=1/(2sqrt(pi)). However, this was disproven by Varga and Carpenter (1987) and Varga (1990), who computed


For rational approximations p(x)/q(x) for p and q of degree m and n, D. J. Newman (1964) proved


for n>=4. Gonchar (1967) and Bulanov (1975) improved the lower bound to


Vjacheslavo (1975) proved the existence of positive constants m and M such that


(Petrushev 1987, pp. 105-106). Varga et al. (1993) conjectured and Stahl (1993) proved that


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Bernstein's Constant

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