18-Point Problem

Place a point somewhere on a line segment. Now place a second point and number it 2 so that each of the points is in a different half of the line segment. Continue, placing every Nth point so that all N points are on different (1/N)th of the line segment. Formally, for a given N, does there exist a sequence of real numbers x_1, x_2, ..., x_N such that for every n in {1,...,N} and every k in {1,...,n}, the inequality


holds for some i in {1,...,n}? Surprisingly, it is only possible to place 17 points in this manner (Berlekamp and Graham 1970, Warmus 1976).

Steinhaus (1979) gives a 14-point solution (0.06, 0.55, 0.77, 0.39, 0.96, 0.28, 0.64, 0.13, 0.88, 0.48, 0.19, 0.71, 0.35, 0.82), and Warmus (1976) gives the 17-point solution


Warmus (1976) states that there are 768 patterns of 17-point solutions (counting reversals as equivalent).

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18-Point Problem

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