von Neumann Algebra

Given a Hilbert space H, a *-subalgebra A of B(H) is said to be a von Neumann algebra in H provided that A is equal to its bicommutant A^('') (Dixmier 1981). Here, B(H) denotes the algebra of bounded operators from H to itself.

A non-trivial corollary of the so-called bicommutant theorem says that a nondegenerate *-subalgebra of B(H) is a von Neumann algebra if and only if it is strongly closed. This is further equivalent to a number of other analytic properties of A and of B(H) (Blackadar 2013), and due to its bijective equivalence is sometimes used as a definition for von Neumann algebras. In some literature, the assumption of A being unital (i.e., A containing the identity) is added to the hypotheses of this equivalence though, strictly speaking, the result holds in the somewhat more general case that A is merely nondegenerate.

One can easily show that every von Neumann algebra is a W-*-algebra and contrarily; as a result, some literature defines a von Neumann algebra as a C-*-algebra A which admits a Banach space A_* as a pre-dual. This convention, though not unheard of, is somewhat rare among literature on the topic.

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von Neumann Algebra

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