q-Harmonic Series

The series


for q an integer other than 0 and +/-1. h_q and the related series


which is a q-analog of the natural logarithm of 2, are irrational for r a rational number other than 0 or -q^n (Guy 1994). In fact, Amdeberhan and Zeilberger (1998) showed that the irrationality measures of both h_q(1) and Ln_q(2) are 4.80, improving the value of 54.0 implied by Borwein (1991, 1992).

Amdeberhan and Zeilberger (1998) also show that the q-harmonic series and q-analog of ln2 can be written in the more quickly converging forms

=sum_(n=1)^(infty)(1-q^n-q^(2n))/((q^n-1)(2n; n)_q(q)_n)
=sum_(n=1)^(infty)((-1)^(n-1)(q)_n(1-q^(3n)))/((1-q^n)^2(2n; n)_q(q^2)_n),

where (n; k)_q is a q-binomial coefficient and (q)_n is a q-Pochhammer symbol.

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q-Harmonic Series

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