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Show Your Math Savvy with a MathWorld T-Shirt

By Eric W. Weisstein

MathWorld T-shirt

[Updated September 24, 2009]

October 11, 2004--As a reader of this news story, you are likely already familiar with MathWorld as the web's most extensive mathematics resource. Since February of this year (MathWorld Headline News, February 11, 2004), the site has benefited from an elegant, modern look that provides improved readability for its pages. Now you can sport that same elegant, modern look by donning a T-shirt bearing the MathWorld logo.

The MathWorld shirt is a short-sleeve white T-shirt made of 100% cotton. Its front is adorned with 12 spheres surrounding a central equivalent sphere illustrating the kissing number in three dimensions. MathWorld T-shirts come in medium, large, X-large, and youth medium sizes, and are available for purchase directly from the Wolfram Worldwide Web Store.

Become a Contributor

While the author of this news story has personally written the vast majority of material appearing on the site, MathWorld has also benefited from the input of more than 150 contributors. Since creating a website that attempts to cover all things mathematical is a truly monumental task, please consider joining me in continuing to expand and extend this free mathematical resource. Information about contributing to MathWorld can be found on the site's Contributing to MathWorld page as well as on the Q&A on Contributing.

To reward past contributors and encourage future ones, we will giving away MathWorld T-shirts shirts to the top 25 current MathWorld contributors. We'll be contacting this select subset of MathWorld readers very shortly to determine a current mailing address for their complimentary sartorial package. Following that, we'll be giving away more T-shirts to frequent contributors of new entries. Of course, the T-shirts will also remain available to all MathWorld readers and fans through the Web Store.

MathWorld Headline News Now Available via RSS

In other news, a Really Simple Syndication (RSS) news feed was recently added to MathWorld, so this (and other future) news stories are now available in a convenient format. RSS is a lightweight XML format designed for sharing headlines and other web content. (You can read more about it here.) To be able to access RSS feeds, you'll need to install an RSS reader on your computer. Examples of RSS readers include Abilon for Windows, and NetNewsWire for Mac OS X. To start using this RSS feed, just copy and paste the URL below into your RSS reader:

Thanks again to all MathWorld readers and contributors. Eric and everyone else here at Wolfram Research is looking forward to seeing you decked out in attractive MathWorld attire in the near future!


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