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mersenne40.txt currently unavailable

Due to extremely high demand for the file containing the decimal digits of the new Mersenne prime, this file is temporarily unavailable. We apologize for the inconvenience, and encourage readers to check back at a later time.

However, please consider downloading a zip-compressed version of this file.

The 6,320,430 digits of the new Mersenne prime 220996011 - 1 (12597689545033010502049...63294714065762855682047) can easily be generated by Mathematica. We are happy to provide a Mathematica notebook for calculating this number and for computing some of its properties. If you do not own Mathematica, you can download a free copy of MathReader.

The following table summarizes the distribution of decimal digits in the new Mersenne prime.

digit 0123456789
count 631705632720630989631467632004633283630929633503632964630866

Additional information about the new prime can be found in the MathWorld headline news story from December 2.

Eric Weisstein and the MathWorld team
December 10, 2003