Weyl Tensor

The Weyl tensor is the tensor C_(abcd) defined by


where R_(abcd) is the Riemann tensor, R is the scalar curvature, g_(ab) is the metric tensor, and T_([a_1...a_n]) denotes the antisymmetric tensor part (Wald 1984, p. 40).

The Weyl tensor is defined so that every tensor contraction between indices gives 0. In particular,


(Weinberg 1972, p. 146). The number of independent components for a Weyl tensor in N-D for N>=3 is given by


(Weinberg 1972, p. 146). For N=3, 4, ..., this gives 0, 10, 35, 84, 168, ... (OEIS A052472).

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Scalar Curvature, Riemann Tensor

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Weyl Tensor

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