Unitary Amicable Pair

A pair of numbers m and n such that


where sigma^*(n) is the unitary divisor function. Hagis (1971) and García (1987) give 82 such pairs. The first few are (114, 126), (1140, 1260), (18018, 22302), (32130, 40446), ... (OEIS A002952 and A002953; Pedersen).

On Jan. 30, 2004, Y. Kohmoto discovered the largest known unitary amicable pair, where each member has 317 digits.

Kohmoto calls a unitary amicable pair whose members are squareful a proper unitary amicable pair.

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Amicable Pair, Super Unitary Amicable Pair, Unitary Aliquot Sequence, Unitary Divisor, Unitary Divisor Function

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Unitary Amicable Pair

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