Uniform Convergence

A sequence of functions {f_n}, n=1, 2, 3, ... is said to be uniformly convergent to f for a set E of values of x if, for each epsilon>0, an integer N can be found such that


for n>=N and all x in E.

A series sumf_n(x) converges uniformly on E if the sequence {S_n} of partial sums defined by


converges uniformly on E.

To test for uniform convergence, use Abel's uniform convergence test or the Weierstrass M-test. If individual terms u_n(x) of a uniformly converging series are continuous, then the following conditions are satisfied.

1. The series sum


is continuous.

2. The series may be integrated term by term


For example, a power series sum_(n=0)^(infty)a_n(x-x_0)^n is uniformly convergent on any closed and bounded subset inside its circle of convergence.

3. The situation is more complicated for differentiation since uniform convergence of sum_(n=1)^(infty)u_n(x) does not tell anything about convergence of sum_(n=1)^(infty)d/(dx)u_n(x). Suppose that sum_(n=1)^(infty)u_n(x_0) converges for some x_0 in [a,b], that each u_n(x) is differentiable on [a,b], and that sum_(n=1)^(infty)d/(dx)u_n(x) converges uniformly on [a,b]. Then sum_(n=1)^(infty)u_n(x) converges uniformly on [a,b] to a function f, and for each x in [a,b],


See also

Abel's Convergence Theorem, Abel's Uniform Convergence Test, Weierstrass M-Test

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Uniform Convergence

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