Tridiagonal Matrix

A square matrix with nonzero elements only on the diagonal and slots horizontally or vertically adjacent the diagonal (i.e., along the subdiagonal and superdiagonal),

 [a_(11) a_(12) 0 0 ... 0 0; a_(21) a_(22) a_(23) ... ... 0 0; 0 a_(32) a_(33) ... ... a_(n-2,n-1) 0; | ... ... ... ... a_(n-1,n-1) a_(n-1,n); 0 0 ... ... ... a_(n,n-1) a_(nn)].

Computing the determinant of such a matrix requires only O(7n) (as opposed to O(n^3/3)) arithmetic operations (Acton 1990, p. 332). Efficient solution of the matrix equation Ax=y for x, where A is a tridiagonal matrix, can be performed in the Wolfram Language using LinearSolve on A, represented as a SparseArray.

See also

Diagonal Matrix, Jacobi Method, Subdiagonal, Superdiagonal

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Tridiagonal Matrix

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