Strong Perfect Graph Theorem

The theorem, originally conjectured by Berge (1960, 1961), that a graph is perfect iff neither the graph nor its graph complement contains an odd graph cycle of length at least five as an induced subgraph became known as the strong perfect graph conjecture (Golumbic 1980; Skiena 1990, p. 221). The conjecture can be stated more simply as the assertion that a graph is perfect iff it contains no odd graph hole and no odd graph antihole. The proposition can be stated even more succinctly as "a graph is perfect iff it is a Berge graph."

This conjecture was proved in May 2002 following a remarkable sequence of results by Chudnovsky, Robertson, Seymour, and Thomas (Cornuéjols 2002, MacKenzie 2002).

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Strong Perfect Graph Theorem

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