Steiner Triple System

Let X be a set of v>=3 elements together with a set B of 3-subset (triples) of X such that every 2-subset of X occurs in exactly one triple of B. Then B is called a Steiner triple system and is a special case of a Steiner system with t=2 and k=3. A Steiner triple system S(v)=S(v,k=3,lambda=1) of order v exists iff v=1,3 (mod 6) (Kirkman 1847). In addition, if Steiner triple systems S_1 and S_2 of orders v_1 and v_2 exist, then so does a Steiner triple system S of order v_1v_2 (Ryser 1963, p. 101).


Examples of Steiner triple systems S(v) of small orders v are


The Steiner triple system S_9 is illustrated above.

The numbers of nonisomorphic Steiner triple systems S(v) of orders v=7, 9, 13, 15, 19, ... (i.e., 6k+1,3) are 1, 1, 2, 80, 11084874829, ... (Stinson and Ferch 1985; Colbourn and Dinitz 1996, pp. 14-15; Kaski and Östergård 2004; OEIS A030129). S(7) is the same as the finite projective plane of order 2. S(9) is a finite affine plane which can be constructed from the array

 a b c; d e f; g h i.

One of the two S(13)s is a finite hyperbolic plane. The 80 Steiner triple systems S(15) have been studied by Tonchev and Weishaar (1997).

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Steiner Triple System

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