Special Unitary Group

The special unitary group SU_n(q) is the set of n×n unitary matrices with determinant +1 (having n^2-1 independent parameters). SU(2) is homeomorphic with the orthogonal group O_3^+(2). It is also called the unitary unimodular group and is a Lie group.

Special unitary groups can be represented by matrices

 U(a,b)=[a b; -b^_ a^_],

where a^_a+b^_b=1 and a,b are the Cayley-Klein parameters. The special unitary group may also be represented by matrices

 U(xi,eta,zeta)=[e^(ixi)coseta e^(izeta)sineta; -e^(-izeta)sineta e^(-ixi)coseta],

or the matrices

U_x(1/2phi)=[cos(1/2phi) isin(1/2phi); isin(1/2phi) cos(1/2phi)]
U_y(1/2beta)=[cos(1/2beta) sin(1/2beta); -sin(1/2beta) cos(1/2beta)]
U_z(xi)=[e^(ixi) 0; 0 e^(-ixi)].

The order 2j+1 representation is


The summation is terminated by putting 1/(-N)!=0. The group character is given by

chi^((j))(alpha)={1+2cosalpha+...+2cos(jalpha) ; 2[cos(1/2alpha)+cos(3/2alpha)+...+cos(jalpha)]
={(sin[(j+1/2)alpha])/(sin(1/2alpha)) for j=0,1,2,...; (sin[(j+1/2)alpha])/(sin(1/2alpha)) for j=1/2,3/2,....

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Special Unitary Group

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