Polynomial Factorization

A factor of a polynomial P(x) of degree n is a polynomial Q(x) of degree less than n which can be multiplied by another polynomial R(x) of degree less than n to yield P(x), i.e., a polynomial Q(x) such that


For example, since


both x-1 and x+1 are factors of x^2-1.

Polynomial factorization can be performed in the Wolfram Language using Factor[poly]. Factorization over an algebraic number field is implemented as Factor[poly, Extension -> ext].

The coefficients of factor polynomials are often required to be real numbers or integers but could, in general, be complex numbers. The fundamental theorem of algebra states that a polynomial P(z) of degree n has n values z_i (some of which are possibly degenerate) for which P(z_i)=0. Such values are called polynomial roots.

The average number of factors of a polynomial p=sum_(k=0)^(d)c_kx^k of degree d with integer coefficients c_k in the range -f<=c_k<=f has been considered by Schinzel (1976), Pinner and Vaaler (1996), Bérczes and Hajdu (1998), and Dubickas (1999).

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Polynomial Factorization

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