Pentagrammic Crossed Antiprism


The pentagrammic crossed antiprism is the uniform polyhedron with Maeder index 80 (Maeder 1997), Coxeter index 35 (Coxeter et al. 1954), and Har'El index 5 (Har'El 1993). Its faces consist of two pentagrams and 10 intersecting equilateral triangles, making it a (non-regular) dodecahedron.

It is implemented in the Wolfram Language as PolyhedronData["PentagrammicCrossedAntiprism"].

Its dual polyhedron is the pentagrammic concave deltohedron.

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Antiprism, Pentagrammic Concave Deltohedron, Pentagrammic Antiprism, Pentagrammic Prism, Uniform Polyhedron

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Pentagrammic Crossed Antiprism

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