Obtuse Golden Rhombohedron


A golden rhombohedron is a trigonal trapezohedron (and therefore rhombohedron with congruent rhombic faces) whose faces consist of six equal golden rhombi. There are two distinct golden rhombohedra: an acute one and an obtuse one.

The obtuse golden rhombohedron is a zonohedron and one of the five golden isozonohedra. It is implemented in the Wolfram Language as PolyhedronData["ObtuseGoldenRhombohedron"].


A net of the obtuse golden rhombohedron is illustrated above.

The obtuse golden rhombohedra with edge length a has tip-to-tip height


surface area


and volume


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Acute Golden Rhombohedron, Golden Isozonohedron, Golden Rhombohedron, Rhombohedron, Trigonal Trapezohedron

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