Mittag-Leffler Function


The Mittag-Leffler function (Mittag-Leffler 1903, 1905) is an entire function defined by the series


for alpha>0. It is related to the generalized hyperbolic functions F_(alpha,r)^alpha(z) by


and given explicitly in terms of generalized confluent hypergeometric functions as


It is implemented in the Wolfram Language as MittagLefflerE[a, z] and MittagLefflerE[a, b, z].

The Mittag-Leffler function arises naturally in the solution of fractional integral equations (Saxena et al. 2002), and especially in the study of the fractional generalization of the kinetic equation, random walks, Lévy flights, and so-called superdiffusive transport. The ordinary and generalized Mittag-Leffler functions interpolate between a purely exponential law and power-like behavior of phenomena governed by ordinary kinetic equations and their fractional counterparts (Lang 1999ab, Hilfer 2000, Saxena et al. 2002).

Special values for integer alpha=n are


For half-integers n/2, the functions can be written explicitly as


giving the special value


for z>0, where erf(z) is erf and erfc(z) is erfc (Saxena et al. 2002). As can be seen, E_(1/2)(z) is closely related to Dawson's integral D_-(z).

The more general Mittag-Leffler function


can also be defined for alpha,beta>0 (Wiman 1905, Agarwal 1953, Humbert 1953, Humbert and Agarwal 1953, Gorenflo 1987, Miller 1993, Mainardi and Gorenflo 1996, Gorenflo 1998, Sixdeniers et al. 1999), so that


The general Mittag-Leffler function can be representation in terms of Fox H-functions (Saxena et al. 2002).

The general Mittag-Leffler function satisfies


for |z|<1 (Erdélyi et al. 1981, p. 210; Samko et al. 1993, p. 21), which gives the Laplace transform of E_(alpha,beta)(z) as


for R[p]>|a|^(1/alpha) and R[beta]>0 (Samko 1993, p. 21; Saxena et al. 2002).

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Dawson's Integral, Generalized Hyperbolic Functions, Wright Function

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