Menger Sponge


The Menger sponge is a fractal which is the three-dimensional analog of the Sierpiński carpet.

The nth iteration of the Menger sponge is implemented in the Wolfram Language as MengerMesh[n, 3].

Let N_n be the number of filled boxes, L_n the length of a side of a hole, and V_n the fractional volume after the nth iteration, then


The capacity dimension is therefore


(OEIS A102447).

The Menger sponge, in addition to being a fractal, is also a super-object for all compact one-dimensional objects, i.e., the topological equivalent of all one-dimensional objects can be found in a Menger sponge (Peitgen et al. 1992).

Menger sponge metal sculpture (Bathsheba Grossman)

The image above shows a metal print of the Menger sponge created by digital sculptor Bathsheba Grossman (

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Menger Sponge

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