Lovász Conjecture

The Lovász conjecture (in its most widely encountered form) states that without exception, every connected vertex-transitive graph is traceable (Lovász 1970; cf. Gould 1991; Godsil and Royle 2001, p. 45; Mütze 2024).

Amusingly, Babai (1979, 1996) published a directly contradictory conjecture.

While the Lovász conjecture has subsequently been verified for several special orders and classes, both conjectures remain open.

A similar conjecture attributed to Thomassen (Bermond 1979, Gould 1991) asserts that, with exactly five exceptions (the nonhamiltonian vertex-transitive graph), every vertex-transitive graph is Hamiltonian.

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Hamiltonian Cycle, Hamiltonian Graph, Hamiltonian Path, Nonhamiltonian Vertex-Transitive Graph, Traceable Graph, Vertex-Transitive Graph

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