Jacobi Rotation Matrix

A matrix used in the Jacobi transformation method of diagonalizing matrices. The Jacobi rotation matrix P_(pq) contains 1s along the diagonal, except for the two elements cosphi in rows and columns p and q. In addition, all off-diagonal elements are zero except the elements sinphi and -sinphi. The rotation angle phi for an initial matrix A is chosen such that


Then the corresponding Jacobi rotation matrix which annihilates the off-diagonal element a_(pq) is

 P_(pq)=[1        0;  ...   |   ... ;   cosphi ... 0 ... sinphi  ;  ... 0 ... 1 ... 0 ... ;   -sinphi ... 0 ... cosphi  ;  ...   |   ... ; 0        1]

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Jacobi Rotation Matrix

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