Grossman's Constant


Define the sequence a_0=1, a_1=x, and


for n>=0. The first few values are


Janssen and Tjaden (1987) showed that this sequence converges for exactly one value x=c, where c=0.73733830336929... (OEIS A085835), confirming Grossman's conjecture. However, no analytic form is known for this constant, either as the root of a function or as a combination of other constants. The plot above shows the first few iterations of a_n for n=1 to 30, with odd n shown in red and even n shown in blue, for x ranging from 0 to 1. As can be seen, the solutions alternate by parity. For each fixed x<c, the red values go to 0, while the blue values go to some positive number.

Nyerges (2000) has generalized the recurrence to the functional equation


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Grossman's Constant

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