Giuga Sequence

A finite, increasing sequence of integers {n_1,...,n_m} such that

 sum_(i=1)^m1/(n_i)-product_(i=1)^m1/(n_i) in N.

A sequence is a Giuga sequence iff it satisfies


for i=1, ..., m. There are no Giuga sequences of length 2, one of length 3 ({2,3,5}), two of length 4 ({2,3,7,41} and {2,3,11,13}), 3 of length 5 ({2,3,7,43,1805}, {2,3,7,83,85}, and {2,3,11,17,59}), 17 of length 6, 27 of length 7, and hundreds of length 8. There are infinitely many Giuga sequences. It is possible to generate longer Giuga sequences from shorter ones satisfying certain properties.

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Borwein, D.; Borwein, J. M.; Borwein, P. B.; and Girgensohn, R. "Giuga's Conjecture on Primality." Amer. Math. Monthly 103, 40-50, 1996.

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Giuga Sequence

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