Fundamental Cycle

If T is a spanning tree of a connected, finite, undiected graph G, then the fundamental cycle-set of G corresponding to T is the set of cycles (u,v,...,u) of G, each consisting of one edge (u,v) of G-T together with the unique path (v,...,u) in T (Paton 1969).


There are exactly


fundamental cycles in a graph, namely one for each edge that does not belong to the spanning tree. Here, nu is the circuit rank, m is the edge count, n the vertex count, and c the number of connected components. A set of 13=24-12+1 fundamental cycles are illustrated above for the cuboctahedral graph, together with the graph itself and the spanning tree used to construct the basis.

Any cycle of a graph can be expressed as a sum modulo 2 over a fundamental cycle set of the graph (Gould 1959, Paton 1969).

The Wolfram Language function FindFundamentalCycles[g] can be used to find a set of fundamental cycles of a graph g.

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