Fractional Integral

Denote the nth derivative D^n and the n-fold integral D^(-n). Then


Now, if the equation


for the multiple integral is true for n, then


Interchanging the order of integration gives


But (3) is true for n=1, so it is also true for all n by induction. The fractional integral of f(t) of order nu>0 can then be defined by


where Gamma(nu) is the gamma function.

More generally, the Riemann-Liouville operator of fractional integration is defined as


for nu>0 with _aD_t^0f(t)=f(t) (Oldham and Spanier 1974, Miller and Ross 1993, Srivastava and Saxena 2001, Saxena 2002).

The fractional integral of order 1/2 is called a semi-integral.

Few functions have a fractional integral expressible in terms of elementary functions. Exceptions include

D^(-nu)t^lambda=(Gamma(lambda+1))/(Gamma(lambda+nu+1))t^(lambda+nu)  for lambda>-1,nu>0

where gamma(a,x) is a lower incomplete gamma function and E_t(nu,a) is the Et-function. From (10), the fractional integral of the constant function f(t)=c is given by


A fractional derivative can also be similarly defined. The study of fractional derivatives and integrals is called fractional calculus.

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Fractional Integral

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