Fibonacci Q-Matrix

The Fibonacci Q-matrix is the matrix defined by

 Q=[F_2 F_1; F_1 F_0]=[1 1; 1 0],

where F_n is a Fibonacci number. Then

 Q^n=[F_(n+1) F_n; F_n F_(n-1)]

(Honsberger 1985, p. 106). It was first used by Brenner (Brenner 1951, Hoggatt 1968), and its basic properties were enumerated by King (1960).

The Q-matrices immediately give a number of important Fibonacci identities, including


which gives


which gives

 [F_(n+2) F_(n+1); F_(n+1) F_n][F_(n+1) F_n; F_n F_(n-1)]=[F_(2n+2) F_(2n+1); F_(2n+1) F_(2n)],



which gives

 [F_(m+1) F_m; F_m F_(m-1)][F_n F_(n-1); F_(n-1) F_(n-2)]=[F_(m+n) F_(m+n-1); F_(m+n-1) F_(m+n-2)]

(Honsberger 1985, pp. 105-106).

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Fibonacci Q-Matrix

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