Euler Points


The Euler points are the midpoints E_A, E_B, E_C of the segments which join the vertices A, B, and C of a triangle DeltaABC and the orthocenter H. They are three of the nine prominent points of a triangle through which the nine-point circle passes. The Euler points determine the Euler triangle DeltaE_AE_BE_C.


Given a triangle DeltaABC, construct the orthic triangle DeltaH_AH_BH_C. Then the Euler lines of the three corner triangles DeltaAH_BH_C, DeltaBH_CH_A and DeltaCH_AH_B pass through the Euler points, and concur at a point P on the nine-point circle of triangle DeltaABC such that one of


holds (Thébault 1947, 1949; Thébault et al. 1951).

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Euler Triangle, Feuerbach's Theorem, Nine-Point Circle, Orthic Triangle

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Euler Points

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