Elliptic Curve Primality Proving

Elliptic curve primality proving, abbreviated ECPP, is class of algorithms that provide certificates of primality using sophisticated results from the theory of elliptic curves. A detailed description and list of references are given by Atkin and Morain (1990, 1993).

Adleman and Huang (1987) designed an independent algorithm using hyperelliptic curves of genus two.

ECPP is the fastest known general-purpose primality testing algorithm. ECPP has a running time of O((lnN)^4). As of 2004, the program PRIMO can certify a 4769-digit prime in approximately 2000 hours of computation (or nearly three months of uninterrupted computation) on a 1 GHz processor using this technique. As of 2009, the largest prime certified using this technique was the 11th Mills' prime (


which has 20562 decimal digits. The proof was performed using a distributed computation that started in September 2005 and ended in June 2006 and required a cumulative CPU-time corresponding to 2.39 GHz for 2219 days (just over 6 years).

In March 2021, P. Underwood proved the repunit prime R_(49081) ( to be prime using elliptic curve primality proving. The certification took 20 months on an AMD 3990x computer with 64 cores, and verification took about 13 hours (Underwood 2022).

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Elliptic Curve Primality Proving

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