Droz-Farny Theorem


If two perpendicular lines are drawn through the orthocenter H of any triangle, these lines intercept each side (or its extension) in two points (labeled P_(12), P_(12)^', P_(13), P_(13)^', P_(23), P_(23)^'). Then the midpoints M_(12), M_(12), and M_(23) of these three segments are collinear.

The two given lines, the lines connecting the midpoints and the sides of the reference triangle are all tangent to the same (inscribed) parabola. Instead of the midpoints, one may take any other ratio t with


and the points M_(23), M_(13), and M_(12) will still be collinear in addition to bing tangent to the same parabola (Ehrmann and van Lamoen 2004).

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Droz-Farny Theorem

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