Dodecahedron Stellations


The dodecahedron has four stellations: the original dodecahedron, small stellated dodecahedron, great dodecahedron, and great stellated dodecahedron (Wenninger 1989, pp. 35 and 38-40; Webb). All are reflexible, and these stellations are identical using either the fully supported or Miller's rules criterion (Webb).

Bulatov has produced 270 stellations of a deformed dodecahedron.

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Bulatov, V. "270 Stellations of Deformed Dodecahedron.", R. "Dodecahedron.", R. "Enumeration of Stellations.", M. J. Polyhedron Models. New York: Cambridge University Press, pp. 35 and 38-40, 1989.

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Dodecahedron Stellations

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